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Bellevue - Lochleven Related initiatives & issues

Updated 4/18/23


The following is a summary of documents related to the City of Bellevue.  Unless otherwise noted the documents reflect the research and findings by Craig Spiezle and/or a community coalition as noted.*


Comments to City of Bellevue Draft Curb Management Plan (CMP)

Draft CMP Available for Public Review - April 11, 2023

Oral Comments to City Council opposing RPZ permit Fee and spill over impact - April 17, 2023

Residential Parking Zones Usage Data - April 17, 2023

Oral Comments to City Council - Dec 12, 2022

Bellevue Residential Parking Zone Program (RPZ)

Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) 9 Map (Lochleven / West of Bellevue Square)

City of Bellevue Transportation Comprehensive Plan

House Bill 1110 - Expanding Middle Housing 

The following documents reflect rough consensus of nearly 150 residents of Northwest Bellevue and surrounding communities noted as a "coalition". 


Lochleven Community Association (LCA)

The following drafts were sent to members of LCA on Feb 24, 2023, requesting member review and input. Some of the changes were required to comply with the State of Washington's revised RCW 24.03 - Non-Profit Act.  Other changes reflect input from the past Board, current Board and working committee to provide clarity and address keys omissions from the original draft. Other changes reflect subjective input from the committee and may not be legally required.

As noted in my comments in the documents, several of the proposed change are of concern.  These include but are not limited to expanding the geographic boundaries of LCA (conflicting with King County definition of Lochleven and founding members vote), reducing voting rights of property owners who are leasing their property, assigning all assets to the Boys and Girls Club on dissolution (vs a possible successor organization or another northwest Bellevue community-based organization and other changes when combined are of concern. Other items have been added to the bylaws are generally deemed to be more appropriate in stand-alone policy documents, such as annual dues.


Comments have been added in yellow.​

Timing (based on info provide by the Board on 2/24)

3/7 - Informational Meeting / Briefing

3/10 - Deadline to Submit Comments - email

3/24 - Date for Final Routing of Reviews Docs to Members

4/4 - Member Vote of the final documents


Opposition to Chimney Condo Redevelopment 

The following documents were submitted to the City of Bellevue and approved by the Lochleven Community Association Board.  These documents are posted for archival purposes after being deleted from the Lochleven Community Assocation web site.


Community Documents & Concerns


City of Bellevue Police Department

Comments are not related to Agelight LLC, and have been hosted by Agelight as a community service)

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