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AI - Ethics - Policy

Humane Technology In Hindsight

RSA Conference panel discussion with Mary Beck of Facebook, Joe Jerome of Common Sense Media and Craig Spiezle

AI - Moving beyond compliance

The digital economy is at the center of a seismic change with the convergence of big data and artificial intelligence. The rapid rate of innovation is proving to be one of the most transformative forces of our time. At the same time, we are faced with ethical dilemmas challenging users’ digital dignity and redefining privacy norms.

Learning From Google's Ethics Board

While many may debate and question Google's ethics and past "Don’t Be Evil” mantra (which was abandoned in 2015), one has to look objectively of how they act today and their global dominance in so many arenas. Unfortunately Google has once again stumbled, failing to appreciate the optics of today's world of ethical activism.

Forge Trust and Safety

White paper discussing the need to take a customer-centric approach to security, privacy and data protection.

A New Chapter For Me (and OTA)

Blog post by Craig Spiezle discussing the merger of OTA with the Internet Society

Pearl Harbor Day - A Reminder of the Risk Of Net Neutrality

Today as computer users around the US express their disdain for the FCC’s plans for rolling back net neutrality, others including many trade organizations and NGOs sit on the site lines, claiming no harm no fowl. Ironically as today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we need not to forget what happens when dominate market players act in their own best interests, with disregard to society at large.

A Ride With A Purpose

Business lessons learned from riding a bike cross country

Ethics What Would You Do

White paper discussing
ethically challenging situations and the role of the employee. Do they follow their moral compass and step up and say something or do they remain silent and “step away”?

Bridging The Digital Divide

Interview of Craig Spiezle while riding across the Golden Gate Bridge

IoT Trust & Ethics - A Shared Responsibility

The rapid rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought forth a new generation of devices and services representing the most significant era of innovation and growth since the launch of the Internet. While the vast majority of devices are safe and secure, all too many are being sold without security safeguards, adequate privacy controls or lifecycle support.

Lean In and Embrace

While change is difficult,
leaning in and embracing l change will pay dividends providing a more trustworthy internet and advertising ecosystem.

COVID Work-From-Home Guidelines

Tips to help maximize security and privacy for Work-From Home during COVID.

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