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SecuritY - privacy
Data protection

Hidden Risks of Online Advertising

Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs chaired by Senator John McCain including Google, Yahoo and Craig Spiezle of AgeLight (Video)

Donor Data - The Currency Of Candidates

Opt-Ed by Craig Spiezle discussing the data collection and sharing practices of political campaigns.

Identity Insecurity - Preventing Data Hurricanes

Increasingly organizations are demonstrating their inability to protect consumer data. Speakers include Craig Spiezle, Bruce Schneier and FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny debating if it is the time for legislation. (Video)

IoT Risk Assessment & Prioritization

IAPP presentation with Agelight and Justin Brookman of Consumers Union focused on IoT risk assessment

The Supply Chain Risks of China

White paper summarizing the RSA panel debate the risk of Huawei including Craig Spiezle Katie Arrington of the DOD, Bruce Schreiner, Andy Purdy of Huawei and Kathryn Waldron of R. Street. (White Paper)

Taking Down Botnets

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing. Testimony includes FBI, Richard Boscovich of Microsoft, Cheri McGuire of Symantec, Paul Vixie and Craig Spiezle of Agelight (Video)

The Internet of Insecurity

The rise of IoT has brought forth a new generation of devices representing significant innovation, yet all too many ship insecure. Speakers include Olaf Kolkman of the Internet Society, Bruce Schneier and Craig Spiezle. (PPT)

Industry Support of IoT Risk Tool Kit

Press releasing announcing the release of the IoTSA tool kit including industry support.

Chain of Trust

Whitepaper discussing the need to understand the ecosystem including vendors and their software "bill of materials". (White Paper)

COVID Work-From-Home Guidelines

Tips to help maximize security and privacy for Work-From Home during COVID.

Bridging The Digital Divide

Interview of Craig Spiezle while riding across the Golden Gate Bridge

How to Reduce Supply Chain Risk: Lessons from Huawei

While it may be debated if Huawei is a national security risk, it reinforces the importance of knowing one’s ecosystem. Speakers include Craig Spiezle, Katie Arrington of the DOD, Bruce Schreiner, Andy Purdy of Huawei and Kathryn Waldron of R. Street. (Video)

CIO's Guide to Managing IoT Risk

Video with CISOs discussing the IoT Risk Architecture with Craig Spiezle, Greg Crabb VP, Chief Information Security Officer of the US Postal Service; Cheri McGuire, Group Chief Information Security Officer at Standard Chartered Bank and Sam Kassoumeh, COO and co-founder of Security Scorecard.

Risks of A SplinterNet

White paper discussing the risks from China and the risk the US is heading to the balkanization of the internet creating a fractured network or "splinternet". (White Paper)

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