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AgeLight has published the Cybercommunications white paper to better understand the how to communicate with diverse customer audiences and the respective implications of cyberliteracy. These principals apply to online marketing initiatives as well as direct marketing and print advertising.

Summary - The Internet has the promise of creating a digital democracy, making information immediately available for people of all ages and cultures.  This information available 7 x 24, allows users to make informed decisions regarding their lifestyle, personal finances, careers and healthcare.  Yet, until the web is more “readable”, the promise of becoming a “leveler” across socioeconomic backgrounds will be limited.  Searches need to be more efficient, information needs to be edited for accuracy, cultural and the generational perspectives of the reader.  Usability and design need to incorporate human factors and most importantly, it has to be written at the right level for the intended target audience.  Without meeting these requirements your work may be read, but not comprehended.  This paper includes:

  • Usability & Site Design Fundamentals, (a subset of the paper "Design Guidelines for Users of All Ages"
  • Relating to your Target Audience
  • Cyberliteracy - User Comprehension & Readability
  • Connectivity & the User's Environment
  • Getting Noticed
  • Lessons Learned

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View the featured AgeLight presentation from the National Association of Home Builders Annual Conference in Atlanta titled "Cybercommunications, a Foundation for Marketing Lifestyle". This presentation includes:

  • Cybercommunications Opportunities & Pitfalls
  • Connecting with your Prospects
  • Cyberliteracy
  • Building Awareness & viral marketing
  • Testing, measurement, & Optimization
  • Good, Bad & Ugly - Online - Examples

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